The prestige and reputation that Bernhard H. Mayer® has acquired amongst watch connoisseurs worldwide are not solely due to the resources of technical knowledge and exceptional skills contained in its horological workshops – the perfection of each timepiece stems from the consistency with which the Mayer family business has applied its philosophy of excellence since 1871. Offering an impressive collection of exquisite designs perfect for every occasion, Bernhard H. Mayer® watches are a testimony of its owner’s high standards in terms of reliability and aesthetics.

All Bernhard H. Mayer® watches are Swiss-made in accordance with Swiss standards of quality and assurance.


CHAIROS® Lynette Watch

CHAIROS® Lynette Watch
Beauty & Time

Combining a precious piece of jewellery with the Swiss-movement functionality, the CHAIROS® Lynette Watch sets the par for a whole new league of fashion accessory. With its classic but chic demeanor, every part of this exquisite timepiece has something for you. Flaunting a bezel encrusted in stunning Swarovski crystals, and a dial of deep blue, its beauty is accentuated by the modern touch of a black ceramic bracelet, adding to the grace of a woman with class. Made for special occasions, enjoy this practical but charming addition to your wardrobe.ade in accordance with Swiss standards of quality and assurance.


Chairos Exagon Watch

Exagon Watch
Time Redefined

Adventure is your kryptonite; it beckons you like a moth to the flame. High in the mountains, under the seas, or a night out on the town, the Exagon watch is a worthy companion for all adventures. The mystery of the future is perfectly counterbalanced by the precision of now with the Exagon-the handsome new timepiece ideal for a man of action and sophistication.wardrobe.ade in accordance with Swiss standards of quality and assurance.


The Bernhard H. Mayer® jewellery collection captures valuable objects into timeless symbols of wearable luxury. Displaying characteristic creativity and enthusiasm, our master craftsmen and designers have created varying collections of fascinating and enchanting jewellery items, each possessing distinctive style and individuality to suit the personal tastes of wearers.



The Himalayan Crystal Collection™ is the first and only brand to capture the natural energy and pure beauty of these ancient quartz crystals. The artful outcome of the 200 million-year-old crystals that go through a delicate crafting process – opulent, luxurious jewellery creations that embrace 18 K white or yellow gold, diamonds and sterling silver 925/- with 5-micron rhodium plating.

The pieces of exquisite jewellery that comprise the Himalayan Crystal Collection™ have been meticulously and individually hand crafted; a process that demands many man hours by highly skilled jewellers.

Achieving the mystique of a diamond appearing within the perfect crystal without damaging or scarring the glass-like surface is an extremely delicate and difficult crafting technique. This technique is a tightly guarded secret and allows the precision inlay of precious stones and metals into the crystal.