Conscience Connect aims to build oneself

Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually & Physically

leading towards the Path to

Abundance and Prosperity.In this Growing World of cut-throat competition, Humanity has lost its Meaning!!! The only way to Grow and Build oneself is to Build and Help others along with You.

A Very Warm Welcome to You!!!

I am glad that you are willing to know about Conscience Connect

I am Dr. Gazal Goyal, Doctorate in Political Science and the Founding Member of Conscience Connect, an organization working towards Nurturing and Inculcating the Core Values of Community with the Right Mindset and Right Attitude.

I consider myself to be a Dreamer, who is ever willing to Learn more and more not only to Enhance Myself Personally but also Help Others.

For Me, Entrepreneurship is a journey which is continuously evolving and exploring in itself. It not only strengthens you mentally but also spiritually as you always work in a Team and Team Building is a Spiritual Process.

The True Essence of Entrepreneurship lies in Building Lives Together. It is about holding and guiding each other through every storm and sailing together towards a Broader Vision and Common Goals.

A Passionate Writer, Inspiring People through her Soul-Searching Ideas, she is Radical thinker with a strong base in Practical Idealism..

Live and Let Live is my Fundamental Policy!!!